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    So I've had a love-hate relationship with my live setup. Mainly using a Fender Strat with Fat 50s through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

    First problem was that the clean channel was very weak due to only using the clean channel of my HRD and using drive pedals to get my gain. Problem solved by the acquistion of the Mad Professor Ruby Red Boost...this thing is awesome! It didn't take long to dial in and the tone is pristine! (I also lucked out on eBay by winning the bid at $41)

    Second problem was reverb...the reverb went out on my HRD but it never wasn't anything special. I had bought an EHX HOly Grail from forum bro Nostalgic Distortion (who is awesome to deal with guys!) and while it was brilliant by itself it didn't jive to well overall in my setup. Mad Professor strikes again in the form of the Silver Spring Reverb. This is by far the best reverb pedal I've used. Handles cleans nd dirt with ease and was also super easy to dial in.

    I am really digging the Mad Professor offerings, as my current board shows. They just respond so well to my playing and my amp.

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    Re: NPsD – Mad Professor Content

    I also have and dig the MP Silver Spring as it can give ambience without making you sound like you are in a space such as a room or hall. Their Deep Blue Delay is just right sounding as well (not to bright and not to dark). I did part with their Electric Blue Chorus however because the minimum speed rate was still to fast for my liking.
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      Re: NPsD – Mad Professor Content

      The Mad Prof Simble is my favorite overdrive of all time. When I plug my 335 into it and then it into my Deluxe Reverb or Princeton Reverb it sounds exactly like a Dumble. Highly recommended.

      The other one I've been enjoying a lot with my Strat is the Visual Sound/TrueTone Route 808. Best Tubescreamer I've ever owned. Better than any of the originals I've owned...modded or otherwise.

      And while we're at it, the Korg SDD-3000 has become my favorite delay. Nails those U2 sounds. Which is only natural since the Edge uses the rack mount version.

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        Re: NPsD – Mad Professor Content

        I've not seen the Simble

        I'd like to try one.

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