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Npd- used Marshall Guv'nor Plus GV-2

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  • Npd- used Marshall Guv'nor Plus GV-2

    Snagged this at a local pawn Shop for $27CAN. I like the low end thump, but would like more usable high and mid controls. I've heard that a quick easy mod for this is to remove C22. I'm also planning to change the switch for a true bypass switch because I've found with these Marshall pedals I lose high end from my bypassed tone.

    I've also heard you can replace the LED's in the clipping section for something else results in more pick responsive distortion so I may look into that too.

    Does anyone else know of other mods that can be made?

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    Re: Npd- used Marshall Guv'nor Plus GV-2

    Luckily, that pedal has a lot of control over the EQ. It's actually a good compliment to a JCM or Plexi, since it sounds like it was designed to be used with them.

    Play with it more before you start trying to mod it. My only complaint is the gain gets a little fizzy on high settings, so it's best to back it off and balance it with the amp's gain.
    I think a lot of players approach it as a heavy metal pedal, when the pedal actually sounds better dialed back a little.

    I got really lucky with mine. I walked into Sam Ash with one of their $10 gift cards. They had a bunch of Gov'nor Plusses on the counter for $30, so I ended up grabbing one for $20. Best cheap pedal ever.
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      Re: Npd- used Marshall Guv'nor Plus GV-2

      I used to have one before that I spent a good year with. Ultimately I sold it because I could never get a sound I was entirely happy with. It was always a bit too dark sounding.

      While I love the deep, tight bottom end, I find it doesn't give me the control I want over the mids and highs. I'm also modding it for true bypass because because I've found the Marshall pedals I've tried to be tone suckers when bypassed, this pedal included.

      After selling it I realized there were simple mods available to change the things I disliked about it so I decided if I found one used for a good price I'd make it a project to see if I could change what I disliked without messing up the stuff makes me see this as a potentially good pedal.