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Any fans of BC Audio Amps in here ?

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  • Any fans of BC Audio Amps in here ?

    I read an article about the, No. 10 MK II, a few months ago, and the way the American magazine described the amp's tone made me curious about the entire brand.

    Hand made, hand wired, i knew these amps will never be 'cheap'.

    But it looks like these are some serious amps.

    Are these the amps that Jim's UK made amps always wanted to be ?

    Is there anyone who own any of the BC Audio units ?
    Anyone who tested/played one before ?
    Anyone who ever looked into these amps ?

    By the looks of things, if i had the money, i would have deff had atleast one of these amps . . .

    . . . maybe something like this : - JTX45

    What do you guys think about the brand as a whole ?
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