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    So I'm pretty much done as far as pedals go. All I was left craving for were a compressor, phaser and those elusive fuzz and old school rock tones.
    Tried the Hoof, the Tone Reaper, the Musket, the Java Boost, the '69 MKII fuzz among others. All of them, although great at what they do, left me wanting eventually. Being either too compressed, not able to clean up, too noisy, not sounding 'old school' enough, too dark, too woolly etc.
    So last weekend I went on a trip to check these little gadgets out:

    Click image for larger version

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    Got to try them out on a very nice CS relic Landau strat (lightest strat I ever played btw) through a Deluxe Reverb Paisley and I knew right away my quest for a Bender and Treble Boost had come to a close right there. Spend another half an hour playing anyways .

    The Stone Bender really nails the fuzz tones I was looking for. That bright fuzz that can tighten up without starting to sounding like a distortion and can clean up with the guitar's volume controls.
    The Strange Master does that honky 70's rock sound with the fuzzy texture to a T. Cleans up great and with the option of either germanium or silicon, full range or treble boost gets me all the dinorock tones I ever wanted.

    So now I'm down to just 2 pedals to gas for. Although the Blue Hippo I saw there, looked like an interesting alternative to the Analog Chorus I have on my board right now. And now I know there are fuzzes out there that work for me, a Fuzz Face is coming into the picture again too. Damn .

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    Re: NPD... 2

    Nice! I love the Stone Bender, great fuzz. I'd love to try a Strange Master too someday. Congrats!
    Oh no.....

    Oh Yeah!