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flanger mxr vs boss new electric mistress

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  • flanger mxr vs boss new electric mistress

    i like my t rex twister 2 because it has very strange sounds

    van halen tones
    the cure

    it's digital and analog (output)
    but i would like to try the MXR EVH but in the videos i am not sure ABOUT how it sounds

    has it strange sounds? like extreme flanger?
    like a robot - computer because with my pedal, i have this too
    like a fast grungy chorus /flanger too

    THE BOSS Model has tap tempo : good option

    the new electro -harmonix : green pedal, electric mistres, i don't know but i have the epitome too
    but i am sure the new green box would sound better for flanger (even if the epitome has very good sounds, reverb, shimmer, 12 strings and fast flanger-drone-organ)

    so, i look for a new flanger with classic Cure-evh tones and strange effects
    analog or the BOSS model


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    Re: flanger mxr vs boss new electric mistress

    so, which one?MXR?


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      Re: flanger mxr vs boss new electric mistress

      I use the grey MXR specifically because that is the one Robert Smith used when he toured with Siouxsie and the Banshees. If you want Van Halen settings, just set everthing to 12 o'clock.

      You can get weird if you max everything out but it won't be like whatever you are using now.

      I have a Deluxe Electric Mistress which I love to use for palm muted cleans (so you are basically playing the Flanger and not so much your guitar.)

      The Boss is great because it has a momentary switch option build in, so if you just want to flange a pick scrape, it is instant.

      All are ruggedly built, versatile and offer their own unique sonic help.

      If you are a Van Halen fan though, then just go with the MXR EVH...the paint job is awesome which (of course) improves tone. \m/,

      Enjoy in good health.

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        Re: flanger mxr vs boss new electric mistress

        do you think the smaller version (the black one with 2 knobs) is very good or not enough / vs the MXR EVH red or white?

        i like classic flanger (Smith, disco ) +strange dark sounds+van halen

        about the deluxe mistress, i have the epitome 3
        i think it's not the same sound but i want to try MXR


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          Re: flanger mxr vs boss new electric mistress

          I've got one for sale here...!


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