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Looking for a good looper

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  • Looking for a good looper

    I have just gotten interested in loopers. I haven't played with a boss rc 30 yet but it looked like that's what will meet my needs the best. Now to the question. My friend had an older digitech jamman he wants to sell. I haver been playing with it and it works great, but I haven't found any from tracks yet. There are a couple of drum tracks with bass layer down but all the ones I have played over so far are in c major. I haver no idea what he wants for it. I know he said he paid 399.99 for it 6 years ago. I would be willing to pay maybe 100.00, but above that I can get an rc30 for about 250 and I say that does have regular drum tracks. What would you guys suggest. Oh yes one upside to the digitech it has a flash card for memory that will let me upgrade the memory

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