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Separate harmony loop or generator?

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  • Separate harmony loop or generator?

    At times we would like to assign a guitar harmony line or a vocal harmony line rather than having a pedal create the harmony during the song. Is there such a gadget or box? In essence we would play a melody line and then the machine would play and repeat the 3rd......or 5th......or 3rd below the melody line, etc? It would be used to assign guitar lead parts and vocal harmonies. The guitar player or vocalist could listen as we play the loop and they would directly hear their separate harmony parts. They could even record them and take them home - or buy the machine themselves.

    So many harmonizers but I wonder if anyone has yet to invent one that plays a separate harmony line that you can create by playing the melody line. I would expect the easiest way would be to have a digital keyboard play into a machine so note recognition is not a challenge.

    Thanks for any help you can share and I hope someone can point out such a device!

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    Re: Separate harmony loop or generator?

    If not a device that produces a separate harmony line, how about one that harmonizes the melody line but allows for the harmony line to be isolated so it can be heard all by itself?
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      Re: Separate harmony loop or generator?

      Last try...has anyone seen/heard a pedal or other device that allows the 3rd or 5th harmony to be heard by itself (without blending it with the melody line)?



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        Re: Separate harmony loop or generator?

        What about the Boss PS-6? It looks like you might be able to do full wet?
        Oh no.....

        Oh Yeah!