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Pedals for fattening sound

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    Re: Pedals for fattening sound

    Go stereo! Listen to guitar/bass/drum bands, and hear how they do it- Sabbath still sounds amazingly heavy live. Tune lower, use a fatter tone, adjust your technique (or learn some new ones), and carve your own path. Play with non-rhythmic noisy loops in the background. Tell the bass player to listen to more Geezer. This isn't your responsibility alone.
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      Re: Pedals for fattening sound

      Originally posted by Mincer View Post
      This isn't your responsibility alone.

      Very true. Everyone in the band needs to help make a fuller sound.
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        Re: Pedals for fattening sound

        I say hit the strings harder, hit more notes in your power chords, more midrange, less gain, and more punch. Also, power chords on a bass are way fat. That really helps as well. I've had great results doing these things, and got a programmable looper to play rythym parts under a solo.

        It's tough to switch from playing off of somebody else to just playing by yourself as a guitar player, especially if you have never been a part of a 3 piece. It's not so much about cutting through the mix as it is filling space. Maybe think about tuning even lower, to b or a#.

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