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SD Pickup Booster - Awesome

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    Re: SD Pickup Booster - Awesome

    Mine has been a mainstay on my board for ages. I use it set quite low to hit the front end a bit harder for leads and some rhythms. Whilst I do wonder whether I'd would prefer a TC Spark with its EQ options, or maybe just an EQ pedal instead, the pickup booster sounds awesome so I haven't bothered finding out!


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      Re: SD Pickup Booster - Awesome

      I had two of the orginals.

      Loved it with my strats as far as the p90/humbucker esque sounds, but I didn't like the boost function..very noisy and more coloration than I liked. Kinda dull sounding.

      Both my teles hated the pup booster.

      I'd buy another if I ever get another strat with low output singles, again.
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