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Klon Centaur Copies - What Do You Like and Why?

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    Re: Klon Centaur Copies - What Do You Like and Why?

    Originally posted by Aceman View Post
    But IMO - most of what the Klon does is actually handled by a 2 channel tube amp that works right and almost any < 100 boost.
    I would disagree with that. Sure there is some common ground, but a true clean boost doesn't give the same range. If you had a clean boost with some EQ, you might get closer, but again, I don't think most would fatten or thicken the tone in quite the same way.

    It really all depends on what you are after. I don't really consider $150-$200 to be too expensive for a really nice, solidly built drive pedal.
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      Re: Klon Centaur Copies - What Do You Like and Why?

      Just got back from rehearsal and I can't imagine being happier with my set-up than I am now.

      Which doesn't stop me from wanting to try everything mentioned in this thread!

      I suppose the good news is that I do NOT feel the need, and realize there is a difference between want and need!

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        Re: Klon Centaur Copies - What Do You Like and Why?

        I had a bunch of stuff hooked up (pedals) last night thru a 4x10 bassman. Got the bassman on the brink of meltdown (still freaking loud) and then started playing with OD pedals and such. I had a Bluesbreaker Snouse clone, a Mythical Overdrive Klone and a Catalinbread valcoder pedal that is supposed to be a valco/supro preamp style distortion (with the tremolo featured turned off). Just played with them side by side, individually. I did this with a different amp a while back and the Snouse won. Last night the MO won the prize. Amp settings stayed the same, guitar (Tele with antiquities in it) stayed the same. Just fiddled with the knobs of each. I had already mailed off the Soul Food to Artie or I'd have compared it as well.

        The thing is that all of them sounded good. It was just varying degrees of good. We read they are all "meant to do _____" but they are all boosts/drives if that is how you dial them in. I understand Ace's comment about a tubescreamer. It gets him where he needs to be.

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