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  • Keeley Mod Kits on e-Bay

    You know Robert Keeley don't do his mods anymore.

    I want an Keeley BOSS BD-2 Phat Mode.

    There are Keeley Mod Kits on e-bay. I'll have some technician done this mod.

    1) Are these parts exact original parts which Robert Keeley use?

    2) Will Kit Modded Pedal sound exactly as Original Keeley Modded BD-2?

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    Re: Keeley Mod Kits on e-Bay

    Dang! I didn't know that. I got to borrow one of his BD-2 pedals awhile back from a forum bro and it was sweet.

    The good news is, Monte Allums still does his pedal mods. I did one of his BD-2 mods awhile back, and I love it. It's hard to compare it directly to the Keeley mod, because there was over a year between me having them, but the MA is sweet too.


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      Re: Keeley Mod Kits on e-Bay

      I agree with Artie, most of the MA mods are really good.

      But to the OP, Keeley made a lot of his early mods available to the public years ago so the kits are just people using that info and putting a of parts together to do those mods. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I wanted that particular mod, didn't want to shop for the separate parts myself, and the seller seemed knowledgable and trust worthy, as the one in that auction does, IMHO (lots of good feedback and they are very upfront about it being public information). Of course, you can find the info for the mod and source the parts for 1/4 of that or less, although if you order them online you'll pay as much for shipping as the parts, so yeah, the kits are a decent deal.