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How to clean a boss pedal switch?

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  • How to clean a boss pedal switch?

    So I have this old boss super overdrive sd-1 I plan to sell but then I noticed the switch does not work every time so I was thinking it must be some dirty switch that needs to be cleaned. When I looked in the internet every article I found was about unsolder, disassemble and cleaning it from the inside. I did not like that so I looked again inside the pedal and notice a couple of small holes at both sides of the switch so I decided to just throw there a bit of dielectric cleaner I use for my tone/vol pots (which do have similar holes for cleaning without opening) then manually clicked the switch several times to make the cleaner and the movement do the work, when I plugged the pedal and tried it... bingo!! it is working fine now, no need to take the switch out of the pedal.

    So I wanted to share this tip, maybe most of you guys in the forum already knew this but I did not found a tip like this in the internet, at least not in the first page of results in google and I was to lazy to read beyond that.
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    Re: How to clean a boss pedal switch?

    Thanks! Need to do this with my PH-1r.

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