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I decided to play Pedal Tetris..

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  • I decided to play Pedal Tetris..

    So here is my board as it stands right now! I know it looks like a fire hazard, but I decided to get out two phasers.. The Phase 90 and the Ibanez PH7 for two different sounds. The chain now goes guitar>wireless>tuner>SD1>Orange Burst OD>GE7>wah>Phase 90>DD3>CH-1 chorus>Tera Echo TE-2>Danelectro FT Fuzz>Ibanez PH7>amp

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    Organs: 1972-73 Conn 632 "Serenade" analog theater organ, 1967 Hammond H-111 (not sounding but working), '72 Hammond T-524 + my '71 Hammond L-112 across the country.
    Synths: Roland D-20, Kawai K11, Yamaha QS300
    Leslie Cabinets: 1975 Leslie 825 and 1974 Leslie 705.
    Guitars: Monterey Stage Series bitsa, 1991 Charvel CX-291 bitsa, 70s Hondo acoustic and a ton of parts.
    Pedalboard: Home made DJ case thing conversion with a lot of budget pedals on it.
    Amps: Fender Sidekick Reverb 35