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Acoustic guitar with EH Nanos envelope filter

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  • Acoustic guitar with EH Nanos envelope filter

    One of the things I really like about the amplification in my Martin
    Is that when plugged into a powered speaker it's just sounds like a loud acoustic

    So Sunday I put a new battery in and jacked into the 15 inch powered Carvin
    I kept turning it up to hear the acoustic .and like I said it was a bit difficult

    So I added the NanoQ
    And what sweet funky love poured forth

    Ok to be honest I caught the end of a Lenny Kravitz concert
    He was playing a Martin and his guitar player had a Les Paul with a wah

    I thunk dang betcha I could do that
    Just here surfing Guitar Pron
    RG2EX1 w/ SD hot-rodded pickups / RG4EXFM1 w/ Carvin S22j/b + FVN middle
    SR500 / Martin 000CE-1/Epiphone Hummingbird
    Epiphone Florentine with OEM Probuckers
    Ehdwuld branded Blue semi hollow custom with JB/Jazz
    Reptile Green Gibson Custom Studio / Aqua Dean Shire semi hollow with piezo
    Carvin Belair / Laney GC80A Acoustic Amp (a gift from Guitar Player Mag)
    GNX3000 (yea I'm a modeler)