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  • FTL Drive Controls

    Hey, does anyone remember how the controls on the FTL Drive work? I've long since lost my instruction manual and I can't remember what everything does. Here's my best recollection:

    Coordinates = Choose your distortion type
    1-Tube Screamer
    2- ???
    3- LED
    4,5- I think one was called "complex" and the other "boutique" but I can't remember which is which, or what those mean. For the record, these are the best settings.
    6- Clean Boost

    Tylium = Drive amount

    Raptors = Highs/tone

    Vipers = Presence

    Range = Output volume

    Nuclear = ??? I think maybe this added in some lows?

    Weapons hold, free = ???, but I think I recall that this only affects the green channel. Or maybe that was Nuclear? Or maybe both?

    Spool up: on/off
    Jump: Red (higher gain) channel on/off
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    Re: FTL Drive Controls

    Those names are even better than Butt and Face on the FX69 Grunge!

    The easiest way to figure out the clipping options would be to open it up and take a pic of the switches. Unless Matt pulled the ultimate troll and gooped them...
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