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  • Considering Wampler Pinnacle...

    So... I was youtubing (the website you go to get ideas on new things to buy) how to do the EVH brown sound. Then I came across a bunch of videos on the Wampler Pinnacle, and it sounds pretty cool. I'm pretty adamant that I NEED one. I dig the EVH tone and would be happy to be able to get in that tonal ball park.

    My question, how does the Pinnacle differ from say the MXR 5150, the Wampler Sovereign, or Plextortion? Do these pedals do a cranked Marshall tone as well? Is the Pinnacle just for the EVH sound? or would I be able to get say, some guns n roses sounds out of it as well? I'm playing through a Fender Hotrod at bedroom level.

    Thanks for reading.

    EDIT: Can these pedals do similar things? Ie can you get Pinnacle sounds out of the Sovereign/Plextortion and vice versa? How different are these pedals to the Proco Rat? -

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    Re: Considering Wampler Pinnacle...

    I currently use the Pinnacle as my standard distortion box. It's much more versatile than just "EVH in a box" although if you think about it, that tone is very useful for a lot of rock sounds. The Contour is pretty powerful to set the right amount of midrange (can be scoopy or boosted). I like to set the gain around 40-50% for a good rock rhythm tone, then boost with a Tube Screamer style pedal for leads. It works great for a base "Marshall" rock tone that transforms my Fender's base tone.

    I haven't played the 5150, but it seems built to replicate the 5150 amp tones, not the old brown sound.

    In the Wampler ballpark, the Pinnacle is spongy, the Plextortion is a little tighter. The Soverign is a hard clipped distortion pedal (in the vein of the DS-1 and Distortion+) as opposed to the FET based Pinnacle, Plexi-Drive and Plextortion.
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      Re: Considering Wampler Pinnacle...

      "How does the Pinnacle differ from say the MXR 5150, the Wampler Sovereign, or Plextortion?"


      The Pinnacle is Eddie's legendary late 70's early 80's "Brown" tone in a can. It is designed to ape the tone of Eddie's personal modified amp with whatever boosts or extra magic he had in front of it.

      The MXR 5150 is the Distortion channel of the amp he uses now.

      The Plextortion is a Wampler pedal designed to have a (choice) stock Vintage Plexi in your arsenal. (Yes...Eddie used a plexi but the one he used was nothing like what you would get from a store...he did....things to it

      The Wample Sovereign is there basic distortion pedal. If you don't want a gimmick pedal, and amp in a can pedal or a signature series but you want a Wampler...this is the pedal for you.

      Take care and good luck with your hunt.


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