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Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive ?'s

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  • Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive ?'s

    If you know this pedal, would you care to offer your thoughts?

    I was just offered one of these overdrives (five minutes ago) in trade for an un-finished tele body. Never heard of it before, or the company....A quick google search revealed great reviews and a cool YT demo. Sounds like it might be a great compliment to a few low gain o/d's.

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    Re: Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive ?'s

    My experience with one would suggest that you just buy it. Plenty of options and a great transparent overdrive. I'n not sure what you think the Tele body is worth, but it sounds like it could be a good deal.
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      Re: Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive ?'s

      I made the trade yesterday. Tried it out at! There are a lot of tones in this box and great fun experimenting. The amount of gain on tap is mind blowing! I found a great, low gain, boost setting and used it at a blues jam last night. I wound up leaving the pedal on and using my guitars volume knob to go from clean to mean. I like it!


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        Re: Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive ?'s

        Boiling Point is a SERIOUS overdrive. Enjoy!
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