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Boss TU2 acting strange...???

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  • Boss TU2 acting strange...???

    The other day i was jamming with a friend of mine in my house and when he saw i was using a crappy and flimpsy behringer tuner, he suggested that it's a joke having a bunch of expensive pedals and then tuning with a piece of plastic. So, there i go, bought a boss tu2 pedal......!!!!!!

    Holy ****, that behringer crap was awesome, and boss tu2 is giving me hell. The way the behringer pedal was connected and the way i want to use the boss tu2 is in the tuner out jack of my Boss FV500L volume pedal which is placed after all my od/distortions.

    Now while the behringer was tuning perfectly, and captured the note asap, the boss is unable to tune, it fails to detect the correct note 9.9/10 times. It also fails to tune if i connect the tuner "in line" after the output of the volume pedAL.

    Strange thing is that if i connect my guitar directly to the boss it tunes PERFECTLY ok.

    WTF is wrong with that pedal?

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    Re: Boss TU2 acting strange...???

    Any effects placed before a tuner can alter what the tuner sees. Phaser, flanger, distortion, wah, chorus, & many other effects can exaggerate harmonics or change the pitch so your tuner reads wrong. Either turn off all effects before tuning, or move the tuner to 1st in the chain. I hope this helps.
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      Re: Boss TU2 acting strange...???

      What baritone said.

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        Re: Boss TU2 acting strange...???

        As said...first in the chain.


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          Re: Boss TU2 acting strange...???

          Put it first in the chain.

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