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Mooer Acoustikar??

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  • Mooer Acoustikar??

    Anyone used one of these for acoustic guitar simulation with your elect? If so, thoughts?

    $88.00 Mooer Audio Acoustikar Acoustic SimulatorThe Mooer Audio Acoustica packs all the high quality features and big sound you'd exp...

    Anything else also work really well?
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    Re: Mooer Acoustikar??

    I used to have a Boss AC-2; the controls of the Mooer are identical, & the sound is similar. The way it works:
    Body - shelved bass, like any 3-band EQ
    Top - upper midrange & treble shape/contour
    Most of the midrange is permanently scooped out, as you can hear in the video, and there's a treble blast.

    I prefer to get acoustic sim sounds from an equalizer. The reason is that these acoustic sim processors imitate the sound of amplified acoustic guitars- a sound I don't find to be appealing at all; it's way different from the sound & feel of an unplugged acoustic guitar in my hands. With an EQ, I can more accurately balance the bass & midrange to get some of the dynamics back. As you can hear in the video you provided, a lot of the playing dynamics are lost due to filtering out so much midrange.

    If you like the tone in the video, the Mooer would be a cool novelty pedal at a good price. Otherwise, start by seeing if you can squeeze an acoustic tone from your amp & electric guitar, just using the built-in tone stack.
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      Re: Mooer Acoustikar??

      I have never seen one (in a Pedal) that is really any good for serious imitation. But the question is - how good do you need it?

      They will make the guitar sound "not like the electric" that it is. That may be enough. I almost hit one for my little band practice board - just to not drag the acoustic there.

      I also use a Mosaic 12st simulator. Again - perfect? No. However - it it more than decent enough for what I do.

      To get really decent acoustic sim, it has to do with a lot of mojo….Amp EQ, guitar, pup selection, and vol/tone settings…plus the box adjustments. Funny note: I get the BEST acoustic sims from my Roland Cube with a Les Paul using a SuperDistortion bridge blended a little louder than the PAF neck
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