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led for 535q wah

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  • led for 535q wah

    I'm failing at trying to add an led to my 535q wah. The pcb board is green with a 4 wire "ribbon" hookup to a Carling switch.
    Other sites show a red board and more wires on the ribbon. I bought a long shafted Alpha 3pdt and tried several different
    schemes and am getting nowhere. I don't care about true bypass or not, just an LED when wah is engaged. There are so
    many differences on where to put the resistor for the LED and where to draw the 9v power from. Which way the columns
    of the switch run as opposed to the old switch and where the wires from the old switch connect to the 3pdt are confusing me
    beyond belief. I have rewired switches and pickups on many guitars with no problem, but can't get a handle on this mod to
    save my behind. Any help in any way, shape or form would be greatly appreciated. There is a request for this mod in the
    "vault" forum, but when it references "as in the picture shown", I see no images or ways to display an image. To anyone
    who even bothered to take time to hear this, Thank you in advance and best wishes.l

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    Re: led for 535q wah

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      Re: led for 535q wah

      This is much appreciated Dahla. I was so confused as to why it was wired like
      it was that my head was spinning. Now I see what's going on here. You helped
      me a great deal. Thanks again and cheers!!


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        Re: led for 535q wah

        535Q with an LED would have been an awesome "from the factory" move
        Originally posted by Bad City
        He's got the crowd on his side and the blue jean lights in his eyes...


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          Re: led for 535q wah

          Originally posted by Aceman View Post
          535Q with an LED would have been an awesome "from the factory" move

          Don't know why they didn't take that one extra step.
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