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    Halo people of the Internet:
    So I was thinking of getting the analog beano boost, but before that I was looking at the catlinbread Naga Viper to push the front end of my amp really hard and get high gain. And I was wondering if anyone knew if the beano could push the front end as hard as the Naga Viper to get high gain. I was also looking at the sunface fuzz and stumbled Across the lion sun pedal by analogman and was wondering if that pedal just boosts the fuzz or boost the amp and then adds the fuzz on top. I'm not really good with pedals so don't be mad. all help is appreciated

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    Re: Analog man sun lion

    welcome to the forum!

    you can use either effect independently, so just fuzz or just booster. if you have the both on the sunface feeds the booster, if you want the opposite then you need the four jack option. both effects are great at what they do and you can tailor the sound somewhat by modifying the transistors


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      Re: Analog man sun lion

      I have both the Beano Boost (actually, I just sold it) and the Naga Viper! The Naga Viper sounds identical to the Beano Boost with the Heat knob turned all the way down; as you increase the heat, it adds more gain, but is still much more of a character boost than an overdrive type of sound. I know that boutique snobs will say they are different circuits (and they are) and cannot sound identical, but having had both for years I can attest to the fact that the Naga sounds just like the Beano at the lower end of its range.

      The Beano is also a Germanium boost, and it has a pretty weedy tone; it works well if you work the tone knob of your guitar a lot; otherwise, I found it to be rather difficult to work with. My other issue with the Beano is that it also amplified a lot of noise along with the boost and is very finicky in terms of power supply.

      Both boosts will DEFINITELY kick the front end of your amp in the nut sacks!

      However, for my money, I prefer the Catlinbread. It stayed, the Bean (sadly) had to go.
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