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NPD: Boss FV-500H volume/expression pedal.

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    Re: NPD: Boss FV-500H volume/expression pedal.

    Originally posted by jeremy View Post
    the tuner out should be out of the main signal chain so not sure how it will adversely effect tone. all boss stuff is buffered anyway (although admittedly i dont like the buffer all that much and keep boss pedals in a bypass loop)
    This one isn't buffered because it's passive. (No battery or power jack.) But I tested it with and without my SFX-01 before it. No difference in volume or "tone", so I'm thinking it manages not to load down the guitar.

    Originally posted by beaubrummels View Post
    Looks like the accelerator pedal from a city transit bus. You might make some money on the side picking up passengers.
    Bus pedals are much smaller.


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      Re: NPD: Boss FV-500H volume/expression pedal.

      made for Hobbits

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