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Weak Flanger in effects loop

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  • Weak Flanger in effects loop

    Hey everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the weak signal I'm getting from my flanger. Currently what I have in the loop is... send> vox wah> soul food overdrive> boss BF-2 Flanger> boss DD-6 digital delay> return. This is all on my 2014 Vox AC30. All the other effects sounds good but the flanger it's very weak. I tried plugging it all in the front and it sounds fine there. Is this common for flangers?

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    Re: Weak Flanger in effects loop

    You have your wah and overdrive in the loop? Those tow definitely need to be in front of the amp, I would probably run the flanger in front too.

    If your loop is line level instead of instrument level (not sure on the Vox) the pedals you have in the loop may be clipping the signal since they are all designed for instrument level signals which is much lower than line level.


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      Re: Weak Flanger in effects loop

      I agree with devastone 100%. The only player I know with the wah in the loop is Tom Morello, and overdrives never go in the loop unless they are full on preamps.
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        Re: Weak Flanger in effects loop

        I run my Flanger into the front of the amp, and prefer chorus in the loop
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