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Newbie to reverb and delay?

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  • Newbie to reverb and delay?

    Have always ran guitar and amp dry...Always!!
    Just bought a TC Hall of Fame and a Boss dd7. What's a good setting for both, so they compliment each other. Play under drive mostly. Right now I have the delay first, reverb second, with both in effects loop.
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    Newbie to reverb and delay?

    This should be helpful and keep you busy and entertained.

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      Re: Newbie to reverb and delay?

      I prefer Delay before Reverb, and rarely run both at once, usually because I prefer to use Delay as Reverb - setting for many repeats, but a low volume, and about 300ms Delay Time.
      For the Reverb unit itself, and this depends totally on the capabilities of the unit in question, I set it for "Reverse" Reverb by turning the Early Diffusion way down so you don't hear the sound immediately, and the PreDelay way up so you hear it "rush in". The Output of the Reverb is then set to match the incoming signal so there's no change when turning it on or off.

      But like I said, it depends on what the unit itself can do. I use rack stuff mostly, so it has features most pedals might not. Then again, having not kept up with pedals over the years, what do I know?
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