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Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

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  • Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

    Hi Everyone,

    Would the PLEXITONE Single Channel sound nice with my Deville Landau amp?
    I want a pedal that has a nice thick lowend but don't want to buy immediately and then leave it on the shelf because I don't like it...So, I hope somebody here can help me!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

    I know it'll cost a bit more, but Bogner pedals tend to sound richer, fuller, and more amp-like into a clean Fender amp. Cheaper pedals sound more thin and grainy.

    You've just got to decide if the vintagey La Grange, tighter Blue, or hotrodded Red is what you're looking for. Another good one is the Ramble FX Marvel Drive 3.

    Watch Pete Thorn's youtube videos on all 4 of those pedals.
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      Re: Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

      Brief answer. Yes.

      Clean Fender amps are usually great platforms for pedals. In theory, your Plexitone should have enough midrange to sound like a second amp channel.

      One of the forum members named 'Rid' worked for Carl Martin in Europe and routinely posted clips in the "Tips and Clips" section of the forum about 5-10 years ago. He used his Plexitone direct into the board for it. He received kudos galore. You might be able to find those.

      An interesting post from about 10 years ago here that may contradict my advice above:

      If you can set one of the channels of the Landau amp to have more midrange and less brightness, that might be a better platform for the Plexitone.
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        Re: Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

        Gearjoneser is right in that Bogner pedals sound great. Both the La Grange (especially on low gain setting) and Blue should give you plenty of Marshall-flavored thickness into your very nice Fender amp.

        However, I will point out that Carl Martin pedals aren't "cheaper" pedals. They aren't cheap to buy, and they're certainly not cheap in build. I love the fact that internally they are 12V for extra headroom while only requiring 9V power supply.

        I have the original dual channel Plexitone. It's a great pedal, though I'm not sure if the voicing is for me. The single channel Plexitone is the high gain channel of the dual channel Plexitone, but with slightly tamed high end and low end - which makes sense, since the dual channel high gain channel is pretty scooped.

        The 3 Carl Martin pedals I have (Plexitone, AC-Tone, DC-Drive) are fairly bright, to my ears. I always have their Tone settings around 9 o clock. So Carl Martin, great pedals as they are, may not be the best first choice for low end and thickness. You might be better off with an Orange-in-a-box or a fuzz or stuff from Way Huge.
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          Re: Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

          The JFET based "amp in a box" pedals with 3 band EQ and voicing switches like the Bogners and Wamplers let you tailor to pedal to your amp's tonal response and the pedals themselves respond more amp-like than some others.

          A great lesson Gearjonser taught me years ago is that you need to match your OD pedal to your amp and guitar. The Plexi-Tone may be the perfect pedal for your amp and ears, but another may be better. JeffB has gone through a litany of Marshall style pedals to find the best for him.

          Enjoy your tonal hunt!
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            Re: Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

            The plexitone sounds good, but lacks low end a bit. RambleFX Marvel Drive is the best Marshall in a pedal I've tried so far. (Haven't tried them all - there are others)


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              Re: Fender Deville LANDAU with PLEXITONE SC

              When we launched that thing in 04....
              We heard nothing but complaints about the lowend being too much!

              Anyways don't work there anymore as you all know by now.
              Have modded a few for some friends lately..
              But me and my mates, have long since moved on to make other kinds of pedals.

              Emulating amps is not a high priority, but we do mod stuff for anyone who wants it
              As I have made a gazillion versions of it over the years, some of them we made multistage over a decade ago....
              Lots of fun, but they where never put into production.

              Think a few of them would have made it just fine.
              Well that is now in the past, now we are back to fun again, and some of them have been sold by now