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NPD Solid Gold FX Minmo

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  • NPD Solid Gold FX Minmo

    Great sounding dirty boost. It was one of Solid Gold's first products and was discontinued in 2010 or so. Designed to boost your amp and add a bit of grit similar to the character of overdriven EL84 without a huge volume spike.

    I find that into a crunchy amp, this pushes the amp I go high gain With ease. Fattens up the mids and adds a big of its own grit.

    I highly recommend checking it out if you come across one. They are sort of a rare bird.

    They have the N.O.B Treble Boost at the same Pawn shop. Might just try grabbing it too seeing as they've had it since last summer, I think I can get it cheap. Click image for larger version

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