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Palladium gain stage?

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  • Palladium gain stage?

    I'm looking into getting a few new pedals and I'm wondering how the palladium gain stage compares.

    I currently have a bogner uberschall and an Xtc red, plus a tce nova drive. I'm running a carvin v3 too so plenty on tap for gain. I have a bunch of other stuff for lower gain, a modded out sd1, tube works tube drivers, dod carcosa. I'll probably get an bogner xtc blue or la grange here too.

    I'm gonna set these up in my loops for a G system but is there anything there the palladium offers over the bogners? I like the mid sweep control, but it's not remote switch able nor midi controlled so it's a lot of real estate for one sound.

    Otherwise I'll just get an elektron analog drive and have 8 sounds with 100 settings for a few bucks more.

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    Re: Palladium gain stage?

    its a great sounding and feeling pedal. very 5150 flavored


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      Re: Palladium gain stage?

      What I like about the Palladium is the EQ. I mean, 7 knobs are for EQ. So you can vary your tone wildly. It also isn't as big as you think, so it doesn't take up a ton of space. It also really feels like an amp.
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