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Vibrato vs rotary pedal?

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  • Vibrato vs rotary pedal?

    Hi guys,

    first of all i'd like to apologise for all of the bloody posts I've been putting up recently as I have been completely loaded with questions. But I have a question about vibrato and rotary pedals. I am basically trying to get the effect for pink Floyd's "money" rhythm section but also getting the solo sound in any colour you like. I know any colour you like used a leslie speaker but can a rotary pedal get the same effect for Money's rhythm section? I don't know which is the best pedal to get, is there one which could cover both? Are they similar? Could a rotary even replace a phaser? Or can I use a phaser instead? I'm really puzzled
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    Re: Vibrato vs rotary pedal?

    Didn't we just answer this? Or was it in another forum?

    Have you checked the recommendations on ?

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      Re: Vibrato vs rotary pedal?

      I will close this. The other thread is here.
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