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  • looper pedal

    looking to add a looper pedal to my board, what looper pedals do you guys think is the best on the market, price no problem for me, i am asking your advice because you guys have road tested the pedals that gives me a valued opinion,

    thanks for your time,

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    Re: looper pedal

    Depends what you're wanting to do with it. If it's just to have a loop to play along with TC Ditto can't be beat (for me, at least)

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      Re: looper pedal

      Yes, it really depends on how you want to use loops. For practice, I use a Jamman Express, which is cheaper than the Ditto (and does stereo, too). For improvising with loops live (and not just playing over a static backing track), I use a Boomerang III and an Oberheim Digital Echoplex Pro,
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        Re: looper pedal

        Hey bluesfloyd :

        My first looper was a tank - Digitech GNX4 - Drum machine was awesome - amp / cab modeling - warping your own configurations of amps/cabs is
        awesome , the looper/8 track recorder was decent . Fantastic FX engine and real stomps in it like the Tube Screamer - Univibe and many other real TM ones .
        Great tool to learn on - drawback - no midi sync - THAT SUCKED but , a great tool to hone one's skills on . They can be had for really cheap used . Mine was
        stolen , I am thinking on getting a used replacement because they are really rough rock solid good units . I used it for soloing .

        I just got ( 5 weeks ) a T.C. Helicon Voice Live 3 X . It is a lot like my Digitech GNX4 . Not as many tracks - no big deal - no drum machine - still no biggie .
        It's much more robust for the vocalist , so , if you have a good to decent voice consider that in what you need in a looper . So far it's shown it's worth the
        $'s I threw down on it . If you get any of the higher end units shop around - - -

        The VL3X is listed $1119.00 - Amazon has a few @ $620.00 - I found one new in the box elsewhere @$550.00 so shop around and save .

        If you are going to not perform consider a computer based DAW software they are very versatile . Mobias is used by many and it's free .

        There are really inexpensive units out there with drum machines under $100.00 that are mind blowers too .

        Here's their link .

        I'm listening to that video link now , it's a good looper/drum machine. I might get one for fun .

        EZ :

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