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  • Been busy...

    Have cooked up a few things up with my mates in crime, this little thing was made out of a failed experiment.....
    At one of our sessions this little cardboard box with remnants of some pcb and a piece of vero board, plus some pots and a birdnest of wires shows up!
    The rest of the day we got nothing done!

    It has since become our little hit....and the funny part is that it is not silent, nor is it all that perfect sounding....but it is a huge amount of fun!
    Seems that strange and non sterile have alittle nice that needs filling...

    I made a clip in mono with the dratted thing....adding some extra delay and modulation here and there, plus the amps own reverb, but mostly it is just the box itself, and yes it makes noise.....but who cares? Plenty of nice sounding perfect boxes out there to pick from, no need for us to go that way, we like it alive and strange ourselves
    Just a headsup on what is going on, and now I am off for some more work and such.
    Hope you will enjoy it, nothing special in the clip, playing like I do when trying out stuff, just on the short side here.


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    Re: Been busy...

    Sounds like a whole world of fun!

    Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it's a plan!


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      Re: Been busy...

      Wow I like that !
      Lumbering dinosaur (what's a master volume control?)



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        Re: Been busy...

        That sounds great! How much delay time is there?
        Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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          Re: Been busy...

          Sounds great! Is it based off a particular circuit?

          FYI its cheap and easy to get proper labels on those suckers! Some time spent in the software of your choice, vinyl stickers and clear coat goes a long way
          Mojo's Minions
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            Re: Been busy...

            Well it is not based on is was just an idea based on a spacy open sound....
            The whole point of these pedals is to look raw and lowkey, (that is also how they are made, in lowkey ways and in private) they are sprayed with UV paint and a clearcoat, also the surface is sanded so that it looks kinda sandblasted.

            This is not mainstream stuff, so no "proper" anything here
            Well delay time is short....this one is not made for long times, (200ms I guess at best) it was made for adding a spacious modulated sound.
            I use it together with another delay...for even more fluid verby sounds.

            It was one those thing we made for ourselves, handed a prototype to a friend, who then showed it to some guitar playing guys...they heard it and wanted to buy one, "well ok we can make some....but they are hardwired and made on vero print, everything is by hand and only made when we have some sparetime".
            It is afterall a lowkey operation.


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              Re: Been busy...

              Sounds awesome and fun!
              Oh no.....

              Oh Yeah!