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Carl Martin PlexiTone Lo-gain: What's the Point?

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    Re: Carl Martin PlexiTone Lo-gain: What's the Point?

    It is the same as the other small yellow box, just with a lower value pot on the drive.....and it is much drier and thinner than the org one.
    Only a few small values sets them apart, but these Made in China boxes are a mix of SMD and normal oldschool parts, so without special tools it is no fun modding back to the original specs! is a simple machine....made for those who likes a fat big foundation sound, not for plingy no mids sounds(well some like that, we are all different, then there are plenty of other good offers out there).
    If you have a loopswitcher, you can always patch it up with an additional eq(easy and does not require any internal mods...yay).
    I used to do that when playing over other kinds of amps(in one of my endless test setups).

    It was made by a guy who likes simple stuff, not someone who likes a gazzilion options, it is no secret either.
    But if you guys wants something more flexible and all that sh!t....nag them at CM
    Whinge, b!tch and moan about that you cannot live without active eq and more internal parts

    I did not say any of this, I do not work there anymore, don't even get much out of it as it is, the business of pedals is not something that gives you much for your troubles!
    So this was brought to you....2003 seems a long time ago now(the first prototypes where made back then) and 2004 was the first production year of the old PT....
    Now there is a horde of pedals to choose from out all adds to bliss or confusion
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      Re: Carl Martin PlexiTone Lo-gain: What's the Point?

      That's the thing, if you run this pedal into a Fender with scooped mids, this little gold box isn't going to put them back. It can't do anything about a Fender's large cathode bypass and coupling caps either. The tone knob is all you have to work with.

      Buying a second pedal to make up for its inadequacies isn't my idea of a good solution (silk purses and sows' ears come to mind).

      So maybe this pedal will be good for stacking, or some will really like the dirt it brings to Fender cleans (tone is subjective after all). But as a low-gain Plexi "foundation" that requires a Marshall style amp to achieve it, IOW, an amp that can already get that tone without a pedal, this thing makes zero sense.
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        Re: Carl Martin PlexiTone Lo-gain: What's the Point?

        No. The pedals that are better suited to work with a variety of tone stacks tend to have active EQs. The PlexiTone Lo-gain has the typical passive tone control, nothing more and it is simply not enough.
        THIS! Some pedals may have a drive flavour of a certain amp but stuff like the Wampler with their (Plexidrive DLX and PinnacleDLX) 3 band Eqs that go fairly extreme, allow you to tailor the sound to your Rig.
        Gondola Kid