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NPQ - New Pedal Quarter heaps of fun stuff from Japan

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  • NPQ - New Pedal Quarter heaps of fun stuff from Japan

    So I went on a bit of an eBay tirade buying old pedals from a few stores in Japan, some of them are meh and some are awesome. WHat I ended getting was a BOSS Power Driver, BOSS T-Wah, BOSS OD-2, BOSS DS-2, Retro Sonic Distortion and the Korg 105od. The main one that suprised my with the Maxon ROD 880, that thing is so fun even gets my Jag full of girth and sustain and other then the volume thing the OD-2 is fairly nice. On the 'had to try but not that good' side of things the BOSS Power Driver is your typical 90s BOSS failure just not quite useable and the others have some good sounds although no way would I pay what a RetroSonic costs new. I shot some videos of some of them so Ill post below (havent done the Maxon or the Korg yet), got most of these fairly cheap (by Australian standard)

    Probably will sell a few of them especially to fund an Empress Reverb.
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