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TCE Spark and Boss Waza Delay together is MAGIC.

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  • TCE Spark and Boss Waza Delay together is MAGIC.

    Ok let me tell you,
    The TC Electronics Spark full size version is IMO one of the best OD pedals I have ever used and it's a Boost pedal. Every time I decide to use it stand alone with just some delay, I come up with some incredible tones and then end up writing something due to it. What a fantastic pedal to say the least.

    I have a Krank Revolution 1 amp and the cleans you can easily compare to a Fender Twin or Bassman 10. Its somewhere in there as it's crazy clean like a fender with crazy head room but not quite as sparkly up top like a Twin is, it's more like a Bassman 10 clean really.
    My setting are Bass 5 Mid's 5.5 and Trebble is 5. So very 12 o'clock like, this clean channel is that good.

    In the Loop I just used the Boss Waza Analog Delay, I recently picked this pedal up as I wanted something better for me then the TCE Flashback. YES the Flashback is awesome digital delay and very close to the Boss DD-7 and some might like it better then the DD-7. The Waza Analog Delay is warm and inviting yet clear and clean. The built in Buffer really works well despite what people say about Boss Buffers. I honestly think it's a rig to rig thing as some love the MXR Carbon copy but that pedal makes my rig go dark even when it's off. Boss Delay pedals do not. I can put one in the signal chain and not know it's there. They don't seem to color my tone in any way when off. The Carbon Copy did.
    Anyway Guitar wise I was messing around with my 2016 Charvel San Dimas HH HT which in beautiful White with black hardware using the Neck pickup a JB59. Now remember I'm a Metal guy so messing around with Bluesy soft rock light break up stuff doesn't last long. I like to dip my toe in once in awhile for fun but never for any length of time to write or get lost in the tone.
    Last Night I did. It grabbed me and pulled me in. I had the gain on the spark very low between 9 and 10 o'clock . The Level was about the same. Bass was 3 o'clock which is about 3/4 all the way up and the Trebble at dead 12 o'clock.
    The Delay was set to the Custom mode and a nice slow repeat with it being in the back ground with a pretty quick fade away. I only like a few repeats that fade away in the back ground so they give an ambience like some would use a light reverb but I like delay for this better.
    The tone I was getting was so inspirational I took a song I wrote awhile ago that usually is clean with Chorus and delay and added in the Spark light break up and really gave the song new life. The Analog Delay is so nice soft and warm man. If you only used digital delay, I think everyone could use a analog delay as well for a different flavor. Digital delay is incredible when you want that super crisp repeat but sometimes using a warm analog is what the doctor ordered. It's a whole new way of approaching delay if you never used one. Having both on your board is god like.
    The Mistake I made last night was not to put my iPhone on record to capture the moment. I usually do that so I don't forget what I was doing. I'm gonna try to recreate my song today and record it.

    My point of this thread to to talk about when you really find a tone that totally inspires you to write or at least get lost in your playing. I must have messed around with that tone I built for hours as never once changed it.

    Since I picked up the Spark which is at least a year or more ago, I continue to get inspired by it in the mix. Using it as a Boost pedal isn't how I use it at all I will however use it like a Overdrive to change the tone of my Amps drive channel much like most use the Ibanez Tube screamer. I had at least 3 or 4 of them over my time playing and always end up getting rid of it due to frustration not being able to retain the tone I'm after.

    The Spark however has yet to disappoint . No matter what I decide to use it for, it always shines. What an incredible well designed totally organic sounding pedal. It's so transparent if you dial in the EQ correctly, your tone can sound exactly like it does when it's off but with a very mild breakup depending on how much gain and level you dial in. The Lower gain settings I always find something useful.

    Anyway if you have not put a Spark on your pedal board, do yourself a favor and pick one up. Use it anyway you feel. It damn works anywhere in the front of your amp.
    Here are some of the uses I found very useful

    1) Stand alone as the only pedal driving the front of your amp. Using it to give break up to your clean channel
    2) Adding a different flavor to your amps gain channel. Just pushing it in a way to add some flavor. It works so damn good here.
    3) To help support another Drive pedal in front of it or even behind it. This is where it's crazy. You can push a drive pedal and make it stronger or change it's flavor. Play around with it in front of one or behind. I can never decide what I like better. With a pedal switcher, this isn't an issue as you can move it around the signal chain and save it in different places. This makes versatility go through the roof. If you have lets say 2 or 3 OD Distortion type pedals, you can drop the Spark in the chain anywhere you want to try out different inspiring tones. It's so damn good it just falls into place and gives you a very real organic flavor. I haven't found a bad place for it.
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    Re: TCE Spark and Boss Waza Delay together is MAGIC.

    Originally posted by mantis View Post
    Every time I decide to use it stand alone with just some delay, I come up with some incredible tones and then end up writing something due to it.
    That's what it's all about, and worth every penny.