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Matthews Effects - The Chemist (Chorus/Vibrato, Phaser and Octave)

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  • Matthews Effects - The Chemist (Chorus/Vibrato, Phaser and Octave)

    This is the first pedal I ever had from Mathews Effects and I gotta say, itís pretty solid. I love the soft, click less switches. Itís got a few different effects in here, Chorus/Vibrato, Phaser and Octave -/+. The cool thing is that you can use the two switches and knob rows to set ďpresetsĒ. Want to switch between two different chorus sounds? Got it. Want to switch from a pitch shifter to a phaser? Got it. Really nice build quality and some interesting features packed into a little container. What do you guys think about Matthews Effects? So far, Iím digging it! Anyone else have some effects from these guys? Hereís a video I made for it, hope you enjoy