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Mooer 50-50. Are they really that good?

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    Re: Mooer 50-50. Are they really that good?

    Originally posted by devastone View Post
    The GE200 looks nice, and I would be interested, but with only 3 buttons, how would you use it live?

    Here is the Ola review, he does great reviews but to me everything he does is so thrashy it's hard to tell if something would work for me.

    Yeah, he clearly demos things from his perspective and with "his" tone... good thing that although I'm not a major metal player, it's still closer to my sound.


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      Re: Mooer 50-50. Are they really that good?

      The problem is this the floorboard is that I end up having too much stuff. I've had them all, fire hawk, the boss, and I had a helix

      All gone and I'm in the box again (I'll spare the long story)

      But the sound of the 50 50, something just sounds like it's not fizzy, doesn't require eq, and it's not too gainy or under gainy. Really wish they had them locally because even though I'm a pretty good player, I'm going to sound different than those guys.

      Oh and that is the other thing, I don't really play a lot of metal per say. But I like highish gain. Rhythm is fine but I never seem to get the lead tone I like.
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