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  • New Pedal Christmas List

    I'm thinking about getting the TC Electronic Tube Pilot but would like to replace the tube with something a little smoother. I want to use my Dunlop Echoplex Preamp to go into it. Probably use the Tube Pilot and Echoplex together to get a heavier drive and then use either pedal individually for different colors of drive. I find the Echoplex works well before my Joyo Vintage drive which is an OK and when they're both set to unity of each other then both engaged they're both louder in unison than separately. I'm hoping that the Tube Pilot will do just that.

    The other pedal I would like to get is the Dunlop Mini Wah because I would like to use the vintage setting and I like that it is smaller and lighter. My current crybaby is crapping out on me because I've had it since 1999. I'll look into fixing it or modding it when I'm motivated.

    Any thoughts on tube choice and any experience with the Mini Wah?