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Boss DD-7 is back

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  • Boss DD-7 is back

    Hello all,
    I just want to say how awesome the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay pedal is. I have a TC Electronics Flash back and a Boss WAZACRAFT Analog Delay.
    I love the Waza analog for many things but I also enjoy digital delay for it has it's own sound. I sold my DD-7 about a year ago in favor of the Flashback due to the Toneprint and I went down the TCE rabbit hole. Come to find out as good as the Flashback is I much prefer the tonal quality of the DD-7. Running them side by side it was clear to me the DD-7 is my choice.

    Having multiple Delay pedals on ones boards opens up a flood gate of expression. Love it.

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    Re: Boss DD-7 is back

    DD-3 and an AD-9 since 83....

    Each has a use.
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