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Book work Effects - Delayed Foster Wallace (light sensor delay)

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  • Book work Effects - Delayed Foster Wallace (light sensor delay)

    Well, it’s got a damn light sensor in it. There’s a lot of cool sounds you can get if you mix it with the hold switch. Some parts of the video show it better than others (the low light parts worked out a lot better). At it’s core, it’s a nice digital delay. If you turn up the Time knob past like 9ish, it gets kinda noisy and that could be good or bad depending on what you’re going for. I like the lo-fi, distorted, noisy sounds sometimes. It’s a novelty but a really cool one. Anyway, this company makes some pretty interesting effect pedals. Anyone else have stuff from Bookworm?

    EDIT: Ugh, "Delayvid Foster Wallace"... I'm terrible

    First off, at about 2:12 in this video, there’s flashing lights. If you’re sensitive to that, please be aware. There’s also a warning in the video.Here’s t...
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    Re: Book work Effects - Delayed Foster Wallace (light sensor delay)

    I foresee no way this could fail at, say, a poorly lit club gig
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