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NPD(x2) and NPSD - Carbon Copy Deluxe!

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  • NPD(x2) and NPSD - Carbon Copy Deluxe!

    I realized a month or so ago that I haven't had my MIM Standard Strat out of the case in over a year. So I took it along with a couple of pedals (EHX Crayon, MXR M-66 Classic OD, and MXR Carbon Copy) do so some trading. I walked out with a Truetone CS12 power supply, a Carbon Copy Deluxe, a Mooer Green Mile, and 5 new MXR Patch cables (I had to throw about $125 at the whole thing).

    It's nice to finally have a real power supply mounted on my board, and I'm really excited for the Carbon Copy Deluxe. The Carbon Copy hasn't left my board in 10 years, and the Deluxe is definitely an improvement. Time for me to get an expression pedal!
    Go Packers!