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Red House Electronics - Midnight ( phaser / vibrato )

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  • Red House Electronics - Midnight ( phaser / vibrato )

    So itís been a really long time since Iíve had a phaser. I guess I just had a falling out with them for a while but this resparked my interest in them. Iíve really been enjoying having a super slow, drawn out phaser speed with a lot of depth. It sounds good on guitar but I think it sounds even better on a synth. Another cool setting is to have a somewhat slow phase going on with a ramp down waveform, sounds kinda weird and brokenÖ in a good way. So shout out to Red House Electronics for making a solid phaser that wonít break the bank. Plus it looks cool and we know thatís all that matters

    Here’s the Midnight from NativeAudio (formally Red House Electronics), based in Troy, OH. It doubles as a phaser and vibrato. It can be switched to either ...