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Need help using BOSS GT100 with editor software

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  • Need help using BOSS GT100 with editor software

    A number of years ago I owned the boss gt6 and loved it. Editing was intuitive and the ease of creating the sound I wanted was great.
    Sadly I got rid of the gt6 during a long hiatus in my playing but, having now taken up playing again have bought a boss gt100 foolishly thinking that the advances in technology would make things far better and easier.
    I find the gt100s interface to be a complete disaster compared to the gt6 and am having great difficulty getting a good sound out of it so, logically I assumed that the pc editor software would be my ticket to dialling in the sounds that I want.
    My problem is that despite a successful download of the correct editor from boss tone central I still cannot get the gt100 to interact with my pc, what am I doing wrong?

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    Re: Need help using BOSS GT100 with editor software

    The Ver 2.1 update is well worth it, you definitely want it -

    Then make sure you have the correct driver -


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      Re: Need help using BOSS GT100 with editor software

      Check and make sure your A to B USB cable is in good working order. That is first and foremost. Once you have a good quality working USB A to B cable, restart the GT-100. Open the software on your computer and it will see the GT-100.
      If it doesn't unplug the USB cable then replug it into another USB jack on your computer. There is no setup I know of required for the GT-100 and the Editor to work together. The Editor software just looks for a Mac ID from the GT-100 and links to it. It happens very fast.
      In the editor you will now have a much clearer view of each patch you build. When owning a device like the GT-100, you must dedicate some time like a day to get to know the GT-100.
      Once you learn how to build your first patch, you will then grow into the software and master it quickly. It's just getting started feels like an impossible uphill battle.
      Wiring the GT-100 to your rig is also something you might want to dig into. There are a few ways to wire it up depending on what you want it to do.