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Electronic Audio Experiments - Beholder (fuzzed-out reverb)

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  • Electronic Audio Experiments - Beholder (fuzzed-out reverb)

    This is the first pedal I've ever had from EAE but it's pretty dang cool. The reverb consists of a brick of digital delays... then it gets fed back into itself. After that, it gets mixed with a high-gain fuzz circuit to give you some of the meanest sounds ever. It can be dialed back to achieve some beautiful, dark textures as well. The Drone switch basically send the reverb into self oscillation, it's really cool for adding a little something extra to whatever you're playing. There's an internal trimpot to adjust the drone volume in case it's too much for ya Anyone else have pedals from EAE?

    Here’s the Beholder, from Electronic Audio Experiments (Boston, MA). If you want gross, you came to the right place. If you want some cute noises… scram, y...