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  • The drive for more drive(s)

    Just a thought I've had lately as I'm getting back into the effects game (used basically the same setup for 10 years until recently) and it seems like every guy who ever picked up a soldering iron has a drive pedal out there!

    The have to be thousands of different drives at this point and all claiming this, that, and the other. It's really overwhelming. Is there really a market for this many variations on the theme?

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    Re: The drive for more drive(s)

    In short, maybe?

    Pedals are like beer. When all anyone knew was Boss (Budweiser) that’s all anyone played (drank). In the early days of the boutique pedal boom (craft beer boom) only those “in the know” played (drank) them. Now it’s in the mainstream and there is a market for anything from the biggest companies like Boss and MXR down to the players that want to know their builder hand selected the components for them.

    At some point, you are at the point of diminishing returns. Quality is pretty good across the board now, and despite all the pedals available, so many are just variations on the classic circuits. Even when a newer design hits the market like the Klon circuit or FET based Mu-Amp “Amp in a Box” design, everyone quickly has their version of it in their catalog. In the end, I think you are paying for:

    Take the common Tube Screamer. You can buy that or...
    -Buy an Earthquaker Pallisades for all the extra options
    -Buy a Keeley Red Dirt for his tweaks of the circuit

    The good thing is that if you aren’t interested of just don’t care about that market, buy Boss, MXR and Ibanez Pedals and be happy.
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      Re: The drive for more drive(s)

      I bought and sold maybe a few dozen OD, boost, and distortion pedals over the past two years. Some were very cheap new, some were pricey. Some were very well known and some were obscure.
      Every one of them was very different sounding and feeling, even when it was two companies' version of the same pedal. None were horrible but most either did not work well with my playing style or did not compliment my equipment. In short, yes. There really are all those variations and you really do notice a difference between them. It took me all of that buying and trying to find two that I am keeping.

      I will add, there was no connection at all between original cost vs. sound. Some of the cheapies sounded great and some of the more high-end ones were most disappointing.

      I ended up having a guy who goes by FrankTheAnvilFX build me three pedals - a Guv'nor clone, a Suhr Riot clone, and a Bluesbreaker clone. Hated the BB, really like the Guv'nor, and LOVE the Riot. Hand built to my specs, my choice of colors and graphics, and each one was around $60. He is on Etsy.


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        Re: The drive for more drive(s)

        PFDarkside pretty much nailed it. Yes, overwhelming amount of variation in circuits or "amp in a box" can be daunting at first. You just have to sit down and determine what you need for your setup and go from there. You just kinda have to roll with it. Luckily, there are tons of pedal shootouts that can narrow down the choice.

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          Re: The drive for more drive(s)


          I tell my wife, "stompboxes for guitarists are like shoes for women."

          And can't really complain with all the options, but of course with more options comes more research when choosing.
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            Re: The drive for more drive(s)

            It's a good thing. - Martha Stewart
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              Re: The drive for more drive(s)

              I use a Centura, TS808, and a TS9. Haven't found the need for anything else.
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