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What next for Boss Waza series?

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    Re: What next for Boss Waza series?

    Three pages and nobody has mentioned the almighty TR2 Tremolo!?

    You've let me down, people. That pedal does deserve the Waza treatment for sure. Could have a bit of a vibrato as an extra, a bit of a Univibe flavor.
    Some parameters like rate, modulation depth or some sort of filtering could/should be controlled with an expression pedal. Yum.

    Hell, they might as well add some Reverb functionality so you can really add ambience and drama in one box. Sort of their take on a Strymon Flint.
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      Re: What next for Boss Waza series?

      A friend of mine is a Boss dealer, and I was talking to him about this the other day. He claimed to have spoken to Boss's head rep for the entire US and been told that they won't do a Waza version of anything unless they can come up with an alternate function for the standard / custom switch. We both thought the HM-2 would be a great candidate with the custom setting being an alternate tone stack.
      Originally posted by crusty philtrum
      And that's probably because most people with electric guitars seem more interested in their own performance rather than the effect on the listener ... in fact i don't think many people who own electric guitars even give a poop about the effect on a listener. Which is why many people play electric guitars but very very few of them are actually musicians.


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        Re: What next for Boss Waza series?

        For an HM-2w I'd like custom to be a small but broad mid-boost right at the input to thicken and add a bit of gain without a big volume jump,,,,,,,,,,, and a remote jack to toggle between standard and pushed with an fs5.


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          Re: What next for Boss Waza series?

          More HM-2w thoughts:

          When you toggle with the DS-2(also can remote) it about has to be a solo-boost because the difference in tone and perceived volume are not subtle.

          The JB-2 has that awesome two pedals in one thing going, and they are completely independent, but that concept would be too much of a departure from the original HM-2, not to mention the stacked knobs would really alter the look, and it seems they've wanted to stay true to the basic layout of the originals.

          I think they could do a mids/gain booster at the input and have two very compatible tones/volumes with a footswitch (or hand),,,,,,and keep the price around $150.

          The starting point for the standard mode should be just a tiny bit wider and punchier than the original, but not much because the pushed/custom-mode would be there anytime with a foot tap.

          Standard mode would likely be slightly wider and clearer anyways just from using the premium buffers and better components, or at least brand new components.
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            Re: What next for Boss Waza series?

            We are getting close to the technology that might allow a pedal allow an electric to sound like a plugged in acoustic. The Acoustic Simulator pedal was pretty bad, but a new one that allows downloadable IRs or some new technology would be great. If it could simulate dobros, 12 strings, etc, it would even be better.
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