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    Re: Double Cream

    Originally posted by JB_From_Hell View Post
    I'm interested.
    I don't think they make it any more but you can probably find one used or left over. Tone Bakery had/have 3 "klones". The Creme Brulee which was basically a klone but with emphasis a bit lower in the mids. I have one. Then the Creme double which was two Creme Brulees in one. And a Creme de la Creme which was the same circuit but with a clean boost in the same box. I think they have a couple other pedals as well that aren't klones. Pretty sure they are made in China. The Creme Brulee was around 100 bucks so they aren't cheap relative to all the other Asian made copies. Decently made though.
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      Re: Double Cream

      Originally posted by Hsb View Post
      The video below is from this years NAMM show, in the description of what hes playing a Blackstar amp and Blackstar Double Cream pedal.

      That was definitely some cool tunes he made in that video. I wish they would zoom in on the pedal and if it is a blackstar pedal then I would love to see the model no. or the black star name on the pedal itself. There just isnt any information popping up online anywhere. It was like trying to find Nike Vandal sneakers when the company didn't make them until 2015 or so? They made them in the 80's and I read a brief production in the 00's but I never found any inform on the 00's release of them Only the 84 release. Then all of a sudden information popped up when they actually did a run of the sneaker when Terminator Genisys released.

      I know whatcha mean the guy is stating it in 2 of his videos that its made by blackstar but until I see it, I don't think I'll believe it. lol!

      Its really hard to believe especially knowing what KORG said in their email,which was Blackstar doesn't make a Double Cream pedal.

      I honestly don't believe Tone Bakery made it either. Again, no information out there and their pedal is named Creme Double which has the words flip flopped.

      *Shrugs shoulders*
      Maybe one day some information will pop up?