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Pedal noob question

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    Re: Pedal noob question

    Originally posted by Hsb View Post
    No there is only the on/off button and the pedal itself. There isnt a spring in it so it does stay in position when I,take my foot off of it, so I do get that cocked wah sound.

    Guess this just means Ihave to spend more time playing, darn, such,a terrible prediciment Im in.
    Ok. Then play on.


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      Re: Pedal noob question

      Originally posted by Boogie Bill View Post
      Wah in front, delay in the loop.

      Some tape simulating delays work better in front. My Dunlop Echoplex definitely does. Which is quite understandable as that's how the orginals were designed to be used.
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        Re: Pedal noob question

        I have 3 Morleys. A 70's jumbo size, a modern normal size and a Morley Mini. They all sound fantastic and do the cocked wah thing great. I think the Stevie Vai Bad Horsie is the Morley with the spring that returns it to the upright position and is pressure activated when you step on it. At least when I saw SV last that is what "his" Morley was doing, not sure if those features are in the production models.

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          Re: Pedal noob question

          If you put it in the back of the pedal chain, I think the rule is you have to make the "whah" sound with your mouth too.

          Completes the tone I heard.
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