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NPD - MXR 108 Classic Fuzz Mini Review

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  • NPD - MXR 108 Classic Fuzz Mini Review

    So the wife was awesome and surprised me with something cool. She knew I have been looking into fuzzes, and this little guy was nice and affordable so she picked it up for me. It was awesome to open a pedal Christmas morning, and I spent a few hours that day playing around with it in between putting together toys, finding batteries, breaking down boxes, and cleaning wrapping paper. So anyway after more than a week with it, here's my assessment.

    It's pretty cool! It's got that big, in-your-face fuzzface vibe, which makes sense as it shares that light blue hammertone finish that the Hendrix FF also has. I would assume the circuit is very similar, if not the same, but I really don't know. What I do know is that the tones are there. With the buffer off, I kept the Fuzz knob at full and with the guitar's volume at full I got a splattery velcro type sound that had tons of low end without being overwhelming, and a lead tone that was thick and cutting. The upper registers are unmistakably Fuzz Face, and will recreate that classic "psychadelic" lead tone of the late 60s and early 70s. With the buffer engaged, it lost quite a bit of low-end and gain, and while it definitely has its uses, isn't the sound I had been looking for. I also don't use a wah right now, so its main selling point was lost on me. I'm sure with more time I'll find a cool application for this sound.

    With my high output humbuckers it didn't feel totally out of place, overly noisy, or flub out. Using the clean mode of the classic gain channel, the pedal's volume control had to be around 1:00 to keep it around unity gain, but unless the Fuzz was backed off to about 3:00 or less, it didn't clean up as well as I would have thought. Likely due to the fuzz being maxed, and the pickups. I prefer a germanium fuzz a bit more for this I think, but perhaps with another guitar I would like it more.

    This is a long-winded way of saying "Its a Fuzz Face!", but I often look for other posts like this detailing someone's actual experience with gear, rather than "hey have you seen this? Any good?". So yeah, I have seen this. Yeah, its good. I really like paying around with single note riffs with this thing. Drop tuned chords come out immensely chunky without being flubby at all, and the lead tones with a bit of the HOF's plate reverb and a Carbon Copy through the loop sounds AMAZING. I'm inspired all over again with something so simple and affordable, and that's about all you can ask for, right?
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    Musician thinking - nice strat, looks like a 62, that Marshall JCM 800 sounds great, the lead guitarist could use a bit less treble

    Bar patron thinking - Wonder if these guys know "Free bird"?

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    Re: NPD - MXR 108 Classic Fuzz Mini Review

    Awesome, cool review. I've been fuzz shopping as well, will have to check this one out.
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