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  • OCD - OD

    Not the Fulltone. I like it way too much to sell it, but it's not on the board. I've been using a Wampler Ecstasy (Euporia) overdrive into a Jetter Gold 45/100 distortion pedal for a little over a year. Today a Wampler Tumnus Deluxe showed up, and I wanted to demo it against the Ecstasy. I always run the Ecstacy in the OPEN position and tested the Tumnus in LOW GAIN mode and they are both great. I would have to say that in those modes and dialed in to a similar EQ (particularly brightness) there is a subtle difference where the Tumnus adds a little more fatness while still remaining very transparent.

    But comparisons were short lived after I kicked them in together (Ecstasy>Tumnus). Holy Hot Smoke, Batman! It is without question the hotest, fatest, non-metal, blues OD tone I've every experienced. That's all I can say right now because respect the neighbors o'clock showed up way too early.

    So I have been yielding to overdrive infused obsessive compulsive disorder, and I have no regrets.
    I am so close to retirement that I could play in a band full time. All I have to do is figure out what to use instead of money, improve my playing, learn some songs, and find some other musicians more talented than me who will do exactly as they're told. .

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    Re: OCD - OD

    I don't strive for, or like mild overdrive tones from OD pedals. I couldn't fit the amount of true overdrive tones I've actually liked on one hand, because I have too many fingers.

    I own, and have owned quite a few though. But I've mainly always used them as "boosters". Up until this past year that is...

    Now I use them as "blenders".
    Every OD pedal has its own characteristics.
    Their own, highend voicing, midrange voicing, lowend voicing and output taper/amount.
    I've been having ALOT of tonal success blending OD pedals with amp crunch tones.

    This can involve mild, moderate or even somewhat high gain dial settings on the OD pedal at hand, in conjunction with an amplifier's base light crunch tone.
    Then either pulling back the amps highs, mids or lows and using the OD pedals highs, mids or lows, or a marriage of both sources. Then using the pedal's level and/or volume dial to balance the two entities.
    All just going by ear and feel. No rules.
    This application and subsequent results are very different than the classic OD pedal boost method.

    This has resulted in me achieving some very rich, warm, unique, 3 dimensional layered medium to high gain rock and metal tones.
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