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Small Clone "fix" (unsuccesful mod!)

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  • Jacew
    Re: Small Clone "fix" (unsuccesful mod!)

    Fixed it! Of course right after asking help ...

    I removed the excess parts again after tracking pcb and noting they really don't do anything for the signal.

    Then hooked it back and tried to get some sound out of it, got something when tweaking the trimpot on the pcb. So I cranked the rate knob with lower depht setting and adjusted it as slightly as I could while playing open string.

    That pot is REALLY sensitive, Have it slightly off and the chorus effect disappears...

    Mod did also fix the popping issue, it's perfect now!

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  • Jacew
    started a topic Small Clone "fix" (unsuccesful mod!)

    Small Clone "fix" (unsuccesful mod!)


    Asking some ideas what did I botch when I was doing this:

    Wired everything exactly as site states. And have spent quite many hours checking connections and testing and trying. Couldn't get any chorusing out of the pedal after the mod... Sound comes through perfectly with pedal on or off, but without a hint of the effect.

    So I went steps back and rewired the removed parts, leaving the true bypass switching mod incorprates intact. Still nothing.

    What did happen there?

    Is there any particular components in the pedal that could easily be damaged? I checked that pot works and didn't really come nowhere near any of the IC's...