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Fender engager boost/buffer/eq

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  • Fender engager boost/buffer/eq

    Is this pedal going to catch on? It's basically a wampler db+ with 3 band eq and mid voicing switch. It even has an LED on/off switch, a super-convenient 9v battery door, not much larger and 2/3 the price. I'm not a fender salesman, but I feel like this would be a huge win for people who want a cheaper, more tweakable boost. I'm fine with single-knob boost before my dirt pedals, but after or in the effects loop a bit of eq tweaking is ideal.

    What's your opinion.. Great boost pedal or limited/poor excuse for an eq pedal?

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    Re: Fender engager boost/buffer/eq

    I've had one of these for 3-4 months now. I think it's great. Well designed and very effective. Low noise, freq boost and cut ability. Does not color your tone. Buffered and true bypass switch too.